My Handyman

With my Handyman
It is well-done!

At last, I can get things in order.
I found my reliable handyman

“Maxi Services has the solution.”

Since there’s always a need for a good handyman, Maxi Services Geneva (a.k.a Handyman in Geneva) offers a wide range of assistance. We’re ready to answer swiftly and efficiently most technical requirements.

Here are some examples:

Replace a tap
Fix the toilets
Unblock a pipe
Purge a heater
Fix a leaking pipe…
Add/change a switch
Add/change a plug
Fix a light
Home repair
Fix a wall
Plane down a door
Assembly of furniture (bed, cupboard…)
Install sutters
Install curtains
Home improvement
Painting walls, doors…
Remove/replace wall-paper…
Others *
Install flooring, fitted carpet…
Assembly and install of a kitchen…

(*) Free visit to evaluate your needs.